Making The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen Space

Even though the kitchen has become more than a food preparation area in today’s home, it still remains one of the smaller rooms in the house. But having a small kitchen, generally defined as150 sq. ft. or smaller, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look more spacious with some big ideas. Here are some ideas for giving the illusion of space in your kitchen from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). 

1) Use unique storage solutions. Install high pantry cabinets to eliminate extra small cabinets. Add pullout shelves, rotating inserts and tilt-out bins to increase accessibility and storage within the cabinets. Light colored cabinets, open shelves, wire organizers and glass-front doors can help lighten the space. Also, adding open display shelves or cabinets, help the room will look larger. Too many cabinets, especially made of dark materials, will give the illusion that the room is much smaller. 

2) Maintain a mix of natural and ambient lighting. A skylight will open the ceiling to more light and raise a portion of the ceiling, visually expanding the space. Bay or greenhouse windows also create an open feel. Natural light should be complemented by ambient and task lighting to provide an open feel at night. 

3) Choose appliances wisely. There are numerous high efficiency, sleek appliances that allow individuals with small kitchens to have the same luxuries as those with large kitchens. Try to keep your cook top and oven in the same area. This saves valuable counter space. Have microwaves built into a cabinet to increase counter space. Keep all small appliances stored in either an appliance garage or pantry to maintain a clutter-free work space. 

4) Add a personal touch. Display small, simple items that add a personal touch without adding clutter. Too many displays will cause the kitchen to look smaller, but the right amount can add warmth and provide an illusion of more space. 

All of these ideas can give your small kitchen that large kitchen feel. NKBA members can help make your dream kitchen a reality.